ENRAMS Australia has been working with Voltage Regulating technology for over four years and following that period has now secured a world leading Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) product.  Today we provide this quality product to a wide range of clients, saving dollars on energy bills and reducing power consumption in Australia and the surrounding regions.

Our philosophy is to deliver real energy savings with our quality products and ensure all manufacturing and electrical work is conducted to the highest standards and in accordance with all the appropriate Australian standards.

Our business approach is to build strong clients relationships through the provision of quality services and products that deliver real value and reduce energy consumption.

Since our establishment in 2007, ENRAMS has focused on the development of a world leading AVR product. These efforts have resulted in the development of our commercial and residential world leading AVR product Energymate.

ENRAMS has developed a partner/reseller network covering all mainland states of Australia through a number of leading product suppliers and electrical contracting companies.



ENRAMS Australia delivers quality energy management and power saving technology. We provide government, commercial organisations and residential home owners with products and services that provide real power saving solutions. Our team of talented and motivated individuals are the driving force behind this rapidly expanding company. We work together to apply real world, cost-effective and sustainable solutions that result in efficient energy, lower carbon emissions and financial benefits.



To provide effective energy reduction and management technology and services that deliver long term financial benefits and a reduced carbon footprint to our clients. Our technologies should be economical, efficient, durable and flexible to allow the clients to respond rapidly to both market and customer demands.