ENRAMS Australia’s Electrical Infrastructure Review (EIR) service is a precursor to our energy efficiency audit designed to inform clients of their site’s suitability for modern energy saving initiatives such as voltage regulation.

An EIR delivers sufficient information about a client’s infrastructure to develop meaningful recommendations to reduce energy consumption.  The EIR supports the Level 2 & 3 Energy Efficiency Audits (EEA), which specifically identify and verify a range of energy saving technologies applicable to the particular site.


The EIR will:

  • Review the clients installed infrastructure;
  • Identify the load and incoming voltage at the time of the review;
  • Identify any potential voltage drops that may be occurring across the site;
  • Provide a snap shot of data logged during the review process;
  • Review the load balance of the site.


At the conclusion of the review a report on findings and any issues identified is developed and provided to the client.


To complete a EIR ENRAMS will require access to:

  • Main incoming Switch Board(s);
  • The metering arrangements – (single meter or multiple metering);
  • Distribution boards around the site;
  • As built electrical drawings for the site, if available;
  • Utility Electricity Accounts (preferably 3 months or more history).


Electrical Infrustructure Review Flyer Pdf – Download this file