We have answered some frequently asked questions (FAQs) below…
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General Product & Warranty

What is the EnergyMate Automatic Voltage Regulation System?

The EnergyMate Automatic Voltage Regulation system is a technology designed to deliver a constant voltage, normally 220v, to electrical infrastructure.

Features include;

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation to a set point (Set point is adjustable);
  • Independent phase management;
  • Fail safe system;
  • Built in Surge Protection;
  • Automatic bypass without interrupting supply;
  • Maintenance bypass without interrupting supply;
  • Installed after main switch and before the load;


How does it save energy and money?

The EnergyMate AVR system reduces the voltage at the business thereby reducing the power consumption of the connected load on average between 10% – 25% thus providing savings for the reduced consumption.


What is the difference between a EnergyMate AVR and a power factor correction unit?

The EnergyMate AVR constantly manages the voltage at the business and also improves the power factor and therefore the efficiency of the power usage.  Power factor correction activates as required to add capacitors to improve the efficiency of the power usage without reducing the voltage and therefore the actual consumption.


What is the warranty period?

Warranty offered is 3 years on parts and labour.


Under what conditions is the warranty void?

The warranty would be void if a third party has modified or altered the installation in any way, or the load has been increased beyond the capacity of the installed EnergyMate AVR.


What is the expected life of the product?

The EnergyMate is new on the market but is designed and manufactured to Australian requirements using high quality products to ensure longevity. The expected life of the product is in excess of ten years.


What is the difference between a EnergyMate unit and other competing products?

At this time, there are no products available in the market that offer the full suite of features delivered by the EnergyMate AVR.


Is there a domestic model available?

A domestic version of the EnergyMate technology is currently under development and is expected to be available in late 2013.


What is the maximum current capacity?

A range of sizes are available to enable the installation to be matched to the sites requirements, if required, multiple units can be installed at a site to manage the loads at the distribution board level.


Will low voltage damage my equipment?

a) The EnergyMate AVR delivers as stable 220 Volt supply to the business which is within the Australian Standard for supply voltages of 230 Volts +10%/-6% (AS60038) this provides a range of 216 to 253 Volts that can be supplied to a business or home.  Electrical products sold in Australia are designed for 230 Volts.

b) The EnergyMate AVR has an automatic bypass function if the output voltage is below the set point.

c) Generally most businesses receive 240 Volts or higher – particularly if they are near to the main distribution network or if there are multiple solar systems installed in the area, this represents 4% higher than required. (If you are receiving 245 Volts it is 7% higher than required).

d) High voltage damages equipment more than a low voltage.

e) High voltage on a motor tends to push the magnetic portion of the motor into saturation and cause the motor to draw excessive current in an effort to magnetise the iron beyond the point where magnetizing is practical the excess current causes heat and damage to the motor reducing the life.  Power factor improves with low voltage and drops rapidly with higher voltage and high voltage increases the inrush current.

f) Incandescent and halogen lights are especially susceptible to high voltage a 5% increase in voltage resulting in a 50% reduction in the life of the lamp, a 10% increase reduces light life by 70%.




Where can the product EnergyMate be installed?

The preferred location of the EnergyMate AVR is adjacent to or near to the switchboard providing the point of supply. However, the unit can be installed anywhere on the site, either indoors or outdoors, where cable access is possible.  Generally the AVR is installed within 10 meters of the connection point.


How much physical space do the units take up?

A 100 amp three phase EnergyMate AVR (suitable for most small businesses) will take up a space of 600mm wide by 650mm deep and 1250mm high – approximately the size of a four draw filing cabinet. If required for the site a customized AVR can be manufactured.  The maximum width of any of the indoor units is 750mm to allow access through a standard doorway.


What size are the units?

There are a range of sizes so that the EnergyMate AVR can be matched to the site requirements, the smallest is 100 amps and the largest 900 amps, generally larger sites will require multiple EnergyMate AVR’s rather than larger sizes.


How heavy are the units?

The 100 amp is 280kgs and the weight increases with size.


Can they be installed outdoors?

An outdoor version of the EnergyMate AVR is available.


Who can install the product?

The EnergyMate product can be installed by qualified electrical contractors to the requirements of AS3000 – commissioning of the AVR will be by personnel approved by ENRAMS.


How long does the installation take?

The installation is generally divided into two parts. The first is the delivery of the product and preparation of the site, such as cable management and sub-mains cabling. The second part involves the shutdown of the relevant distribution board and associated sub-mains to allow integration and commissioning of the EnergyMate AVR into the installation.


Do all installation works need to be outside normal business hours?

No. some works such as product delivery, site preparation, the cable installation to and from the EnergyMate can be carried during normal business hours. The changeover to connect the EnergyMate AVR between the supply and the load will take approximately one hour and can be conducted at a mutually agreed day/time to minimize the disruption to the business.


Can it be installed in sites that have energy efficient lighting installed?

Yes. The EnergyMate AVR can benefit any installation, irrespective of the load.


Can it be installed in sites that have power factor correction installed?

Yes. In addition to potentially further improving the power factor, the EnergyMate AVR will also provide other benefits and will still deliver significant energy savings and protection for connected equipment.

Does it accommodate single and three phase installations?

The EnergyMate AVR is designed for three phase installations; the domestic product will be for single phase installations.


Can it be disconnect and taken to another site?

Yes. The EnergyMate AVR can be disconnected and installed at another location.


Is power disconnecting during installation?

Yes. Power needs to be isolated to connect the EnergyMate AVR as it is installed between the point of the supply and the load being managed,  the power will be disconnected at a mutually agreed day/time to minimize the disruption to the business.



Operations, Servicing and Support

What support is offered once the unit is installed?

ENRAMS Australia and its partners offer technical support and call out support.


What maintenance is required on the EnergyMate units?

Regular maintenance should include, thermal imaging to ensure all connections are secure, operational checks of load & voltage management and inspection of brushes.


Who can carry out servicing and maintenance on the EnergyMate units?

ENRAMS approved contractors can service and maintain the EnergyMate AVR.  A maintenance bypass is built in to enable servicing without interrupting the supply to the business.


If product experience a fault, will I lose power?

No. If a fault occurs within the EnergyMate unit, such as the failure of a control board, the energy management system will automatically bypass itself without interrupting the supply to the business.


What happens is the site experiences a power failure (black out)?

The EnergyMate AVR will not be affected by power failures. When power is restored to the site after such an event, the EnergyMate AVR will recommence working.


How does it cater for increasing load requirements?

The installation will cater for reasonable increases in load and the maintenance program will review any significant load changes planned.


How do I know if EnergyMate is working?

Indicating lights and an output voltmeter are built-in to the front of the EnergyMate AVR.


Can I monitor the power consumption?

The EnergyMate AVR is fitted for the installation of a data logging system and this can be offered as an optional extra and tailored to the site requirements.  The data logger will be web enabled and can have additional features such as notification by email of any readings out of any set parameters.